Mitsubishi Electric Cup


AUFC logo

29 Feb 2024


Singapore, 29 February 2024: The AFF and Mitsubishi Electric, title partner of the ASEAN Championship, have today launched a new logo and brand identity for the event. As part of the rebranding, the region’s premier competition formerly known as the AFF Mitsubishi Electric Cup, has also been renamed as the ASEAN Mitsubishi Electric Cup™ 2024. 

The ASEAN Mitsubishi Electric Cup™ 2024 is the 15th edition of the event and will be held from 23 November to 21 December.  Ten ASEAN national teams will compete to win the Championship title, the most coveted prize in the region.

The refreshed ASEAN Mitsubishi Electric Cup™ 2024 logo comprises of three central graphic elements - the ASEAN Championship trophy, named Mitsubishi Electric Cup™, the new AFF Unity Weave, together with the event title, all encompassed within a shield.  The Unity Weave features an intersecting pattern of rice bushels, the region’s most important staple and the main icon of the official ASEAN logo.  Designed in the five colours shared by the various flags of ASEAN nations, it symbolizes the unity and bond of the twelve AFF Member Associations woven together in their spirit of competition.

The new logo will form part of a new family of AFF event brands for their major competitions which will be unveiled in the coming months.

Kunihiko Seki, Corporate Executive and Chief Representative Asia Pacific Region of Mitsubishi Electric

Corporation said: “As title sponsor since two years ago, we are delighted to have played a major part in the ASEAN Championship. We have seen the perseverance of players, the unyielding support of fans and the bonding to push forward. This is exactly as we envisaged when we came on board – to contribute and enrich the lives of the communities through the event and build a better future together. We believe the ASEAN Mitsubishi Electric Cup™ 2024 will contribute towards developing vibrant and sustainable communities in Southeast Asia and continue reigniting the passion this year with the new branding.”


"The new logo gives the ASEAN Mitsubishi Electric Cup™ 2024 a distinct, purposeful and meaningful visual identity. Among other things, it reflects the vibrance and passion of ASEAN football fans for Southeast Asia’s biggest football event. This new logo also continues to embody the unbreakable solidarity, unyielding spirit, diverse culture and shared passion for football in our region." said Maj. Gen. Khiev Sameth, President of AFF.


On Mitsubishi Electric's support, he said, "Mitsubishi Electric is integral and imperative to the success of this AFF event. I am reflecting the appreciation of the AFF Council by expressing my gratitude to them for their continued support."


"Through the cooperative endeavours and concerted efforts of Mitsubishi Electric, our Commercial Partners, SPORTFIVE and Member Associations, we will continue to provide our fans with an unforgettable experience and deliver another record-setting ASEAN Mitsubishi Electric Cup™ at the end of this year that will be the pride of our entire region of 660 million people.” added Maj. Gen. Khiev Sameth, President of AFF.


Held biennially, the ASEAN Mitsubishi Electric Cup™ is the region’s largest football event. Since its inception in 1996, the competition, which features ASEAN national teams has grown from strength to strength with each edition.  In 2022, the AFF Mitsubishi Electric Cup achieved a record 438+ million viewers on television and digital streaming platforms.  Additionally, digital media channels Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and X registered 4.2 billion views of event-related videos.


An Official Draw is scheduled for May 21st in Hanoi, Vietnam.